Innovation in Technology and Business


Founded in 2012, RD2Buzz uses and creates what is the most modern and innovative through R&D to improve the performance of business and people through simple solutions.

Who is Who:

Paulo Bitar (CEO & Co-Founder)

He is a Brazilian citizen who received a Degree in Business Administration from USJT, Post-graduation Degree in International Business from USJT and in Industrial Management from USP. He also received MBA in Business Management from ESPM, Enterprise Security from FECAP , and several other courses in Brazil and United States, such as Business Intelligence (FGV), and Innovation (at University of San Francisco and Stanford University). He worked in organizations such as AmBev (AB-Inbev), two Tech Companies and one Security Company in areas related to Supply Chain, Strategic Planning, Operations, Sales and Distribution, and R & D. Furthermore, structured a digital identity business unit.

Eduardo Piovesam (CTO & Co-Founder)

He is a Brazilian citizen and an expert in PKI and Identity, Cryptography, Mobile platforms, and Cloud Computing, who participated of forums and courses of ICP Brazil, Mobile +, Stanford University (Cryptography) and Business School SP (Team Management). Eduardo was responsible for the first mobile embedded solution for digital signature approved by the Brazilian Government, and worked in organizations such as Unibanco (Itau-Unibanco) and two Tech companies in IT and R & D areas. He was also responsible for the development of the 1st Platform for Truck Tracking and Telemetry in real time, and Mobile Digital Certification for Logistics.


RD2Signer (PKI Digital Signer for Cloud and Mobile Systems)

RD2 VScan (Digital Image Signer): TWAIN & WIA Std

RD2 VShot (Solution for photography with embedded digital signature)

RD2 CSC (Cyphered Security Code): represented in QR Code, Data Matrix or stored in NFC, RFID technology


Our expertise areas:

Digital ID, Certification and Signature / Digital Authentication / NFC (Near Field Communication) / RFID (Radio-Frequency IDentification) / Smartcads and Secure Elements / PKI and Cryptography Solutions / Tracking and GIS / Bureau of Information / Wireless technologies / M2M and Telematics / Cloud and Grid Computing / High Performance and real-time response platforms / Mobile Applications / Consulting for Logistics Process and Business Management.