We have the method for authenticity and origin of people, animals, vehicles or products, 100% offline and/ or online.

Whether ICP-Brasil, Citizen Card (Portugal), another country or a private chain, we have the components that meet the technical conduct manuals and their supporting documents.

Use public or private chain Digital Certificates to log in and forget once and for all the number of users and passwords you have.

Components for reading and authenticity of IDs, payments or documents by approximation 100% offline and/ or online.

Use UHF or LH tags for your identification process, flow or inventory.

Conduct secure transactions by placing our components that utilize and or record on smartcards or SEs. 30

Adopt components in your projects that increase the safety of your processes or create added value in your products.

Put in your project components that perform the reading and geopositioning that you want to obtain to confirm a delivery or location of a vehicle.

Advance in this market that uses different wireless communication processes to send or receive information with identification.

Use our expertise to create value-added products for decision-making in your score/rating process, with your current supplier(s)

Bring your project and be surprised by the know-how we have to put your product communicating with your platform.

Get information from your devices in the field and/ or establish the indicators you want to measure, receive, monitor and act remotely.

Structure your operation in a way that optimizes your investments.

Optimize your operation to support multiple transactions per second.

Use our Team’s experience in these areas to leverage your company s objectives.

Submit your project. You take care of the design and we take care of the engines to make your product agile and have the best perception of your application by the user.